THE VEALE FAMILY TREE


                                                  CHAPTER EIGHT



7th member of James Carr Veale Senior & Lavina Townsend Family


+ 1. WILLIAM THOMPSON VEALE (JAMES I 1), b. May 11, 1790 in Union County, South Carolina, d. before 1834 in Daviess County, Indiana he m. ELIZABETH STEPHENSON on May 21, 1827 in Daviess County, Indiana (this marriage was performed by Amos Rogers, Justice of Peace)

Burial: Old Union or Washington City Cemetery, Washington, Indiana
Note: Sometime in the mid 1880’s Prairie Creek flooded and washed out most of the graves in Old Union or Washington City Cemetery. Some coffins were never found and a few were returned from as far away as St. Louis, Missouri. The relatives of the deceased moved what little was found to Oak Grove Cemetery, where at least some of the old headstones existed, including this one of William, of which my father discussed with me (RLV)

My Comments:

There was a major conflict between my father and Lucille Bernice Hewitt (Veale), by mail over William Thompson Veale. My father believed that he was the only William in existence and that it was he who went to Colton, California. However, these letters did prove there were two William Thompson Veale’s of the early era. This will be discussed in detail later in this writing. (RLV)

Acknowledgements: Donald W. Veale of Poway, California, the late Mrs. Lucille Bernice Hewitt (Veale), Mrs. Mary Soita Chance (Veale), and Rhonda Hall (Hewitt) have helped so generously in giving us this updated information on this branch and it’s history. A Special Big Thank You All (RLV)


ABSTRACT OF PROBATE, Daviess County, Indiana Clerk’s Office, Washington, Indiana





EMILY VEALE, under 14, Guardian, Ashberry Alexander
WATUS VEALE, under 14, Guardian, Levi Peek


The 1850 Indiana Federal Census shows Emily Veale in the household of James Carr Veale Junior. WATUS as spelled in the 1850 Census microfilm in the household of Nancy Veale & James Lett. The name WATUS is later spelled as WAITIS.
Note: It was in the 1850 Census that the “e” was added to the name.
Military service: From the Charlotte Library, South Carolina: William Veale, 1810, served under Major Robb in the Indiana Territory Militia.
Marriage notes: The Daviess County Clerk’s Office records the marriage of William Thompson Veale to Elizabeth Stephenson as May 21, 1827 by Amos Rogers, Justice of Peace. And also that Elizabeth remarried to ELISAH FITZGERALD on March 18, 1835

+ 2.            i. WAITIS THOMPSON VEALE
+ 3.           ii. EMILY VEALE


GENERATION TWO****************************************************


1st member of William Thompson Veale & Elizabeth Stephenson Family

2. WAITIS THOMPSON VEALE (WILLIAM THOMPSON 2, JAMES I 1), b. January 08, 1929 in Veale Township, Daviess County, Indiana, d. March 17, 1886 in Daviess County, Indiana he m. MARY ELVIRA LITTEL on March 10, 1880 she b. March 09, 1929, d. November 15, 1916 in Santa Ana, California.

Burial: Old Union Cemetery, Washington, Indiana, near Bethel Church

Waitis T. Veale was a fifty year old man when he married Mary. She had children by her first marriage to HARDING, who had left her a widower. Their children: CORA, WALLACE and MELVIN HARDING. Mr. Harding was a Morgan Horse of stock imported from England and an ancestor of James Carr Veale Senior, not Junior. Waitis was five years old when his father died. NOTE: As to the ancestry to James Carr Veale Senior or Junior, so far, no direct connection has been made. For sure they did live in the same area and well could have been close friends and in-laws, if nothing more. (RLV)

Burial: Fairhaven Memorial Park Cemetery, Santa Ana, California

After the death of her 2nd Husband, Waitis T. Veale she moved to Santa Ana, California with her son  BENJAMIN WAITIS VEALE; here she met and married WILLIAM B. LITTON on July 03, 1899 in Santa Ana, California

+ 4.            i. WILLIAM THOMPSON VEALE (The 2nd one)
5.              ii. LONNY VEALE, b. & d. 1885, triplet
6.             iii. JOHNNY VEALE, b. & d. 1885, triplet
7.             iv. LAWRY VEALE, b. & d. 1885, triplet

                    More about the TRIPLETS:
Burial: Old Union Cemetery, near Bethel Church, with their father
Source: Sextant’s Log, unmarked graves
Born: March 30, 1885
Died: March 31, 1885
Note: First set of triplets born in Daviess County, Indiana

+ 8.        v. BENJAMIN WAITIS VEALE (born after father’s death)


2nd member of William Thompson Veale & Elizabeth Stephenson Family

3. EMILY VEALE (WILLIAM THOMPSON 2, JAMES I 1), b. December 17, 1851 in Daviess County, Indiana she m. BENJAMIN J. HELPENSTINE

More about EMILY VEALE:
From the records of Lucille Bernice Hewitt (Veale), Lucille wrote: “Emily and Benjamin moved to Chico, California, and when Emily was 83 years old her history was written”. It was written in 1915. In a second writing, Mrs. Hewitt wrote: “Emily Veale and Benjamin Helpenstine were married on December 17, 1851. They had two children: WILLIAM VEALE HELPENSTINE & MABEL HELPENSTINE”.

On July 12, 1944, Mr. Zed Veale of Flagstaff, Arizona received a letter from Mrs. John M. Waste her husband being Dr. John M. Waste related that she was doing research through the California DAR on the Veale Family as she is a direct descendant of Emily Veale.  Her address at this time was: 1015 Montery Road, Glendale, 6, California. Mrs. Waste stated that she had visited or contacted Mrs. Lucille Bernice Hewitt (Veale), but from the letter she indicated, that she, Lucille or the California DAR had little true family information. With these comments, I can fully agree with the part about the accuracy of some of these documents. However, with me working with the younger members of this family branch, one will see many changes among the younger generations have done our home work. (RLV)

HELPENSTINE FAMILY NOTES (From Daviess County, Indiana)

LEWIS HELPENSTINE, d. August 17, 1862, aged 8 years, 11 months and 3 days
WILLIAM HELPENSTINE, b. May 16, 1820, d. May 09, 1891
MARIA HELPENSTINE, b. November 23, 1882, d. February 22, 1906
NOTE: All three are in Oak Grove Cemetery, Washington, Indiana


Source: Daviess County, Land Transactions, part of Book #1, South of Maysville, Indiana in Veale Township.

August 13, 1852, Waitis Veale to Berry Helpenstine, SW quarter, Section 32, Township 2, Range 7, 170 acres
March 03, 1853, Waitis Veale to Benjamin Helpenstine, Part of NE quarter of, Section 20, Township 2, Range 7, 119 acres.

10.        ii. MABEL HELPENSTINE

SPECIAL NOTE: If anyone has any further information on this family, please contact us. (RLV)


GENERATION THREE*************************************************


1st member of Waitis Thompson Veale & Mary Elvira Littel Family

4. WILLIAM THOMPSON VEALE (WAITIS THOMPSON 3, WILLIAM THOMPSON 2, JAMES I 1), b. January 29, 1846 in Daviess County, Indiana, d. January 02, 1881 in San Bernardino, California he m. LILLIAN BLANCHE THOMAS on July 03, 1901 in Daviess County, Indiana she b. October 15, 1883 in Daviess County, Indiana, d. October 15, 1952 in San Bernardino, California. She the daughter of FENWICK THOMAS & SARAH CHAPMAN

Burial: Hermosa Cemetery, Colton, California


Material Source: Mary Siota Koch, Chance (Veale), dated August 24, 1876

Quote: “William T. Veale first came to California when he was 16 years old. His oldest half brother, Melvin Harding was already in California. Dad was in California for several years. Returning to Washington, Indiana, where he met mom, they were married and their first four children were born in Washington, Indiana. Dad worked for the B&O railroad as an inspector. He and two other men were sitting on a spur track waiting for a switch engine to go by. When instead the engine came on the spur track (It was a drunken crew). It killed one man, badly hurt another and dad’s foot was caught as he jumped. They were able to save the foot, but because of he cold winters his foot would swell so badly that he couldn’t walk. When we moved to Springfield, Missouri, in 1909, mom’s health was bad there, so dad came to California and rented a house in Bakersfield. He went to work for his brother, Mel Harding, who was head of an oil company. Mom came with four children and we lived in Maricopia, California for a couple of years. The family then moved to Santa Ana, California. Dad’s mother was already living there. He worked for the City Gas Company. The second daughter was born in Santa Ana, California. The family then moved to Tistin, California, on a farm for a short time. Then we moved to Barstow, California, in1914. Dad worked as an inspector for the Santa Fe Railroad. We then moved to Colton, California, in 1915. Dad worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad (P. F. E, Division). The family lived there from this time on, and the last three children were born in Colton, California. 

Dad bought two houses and several lots, building our home on the corner lot. (The original plans for the home were for a two story, but because dad ran over he youngest daughter with a car when she was 18 months old, they decided that she might have a seizure or something and fall down the stairs). The plans were changed to a single story home. The home stands today at 584 E. “H” Street in Colton, California he donated one lot to the Wesleyan Methodist Church, and helped build it. The church still stands there and should I ever be used for anything else besides a church, he deed states, it reverts back to the original owners, (The Veale Family and/or heirs)”. End of Quote:

Signed: Mary Soita Veale


Quote: “William Thompson Veale was born in Veale Township, Daviess County, Indiana on Sunday, January 08, 1829. He was the first child of Waitis Thompson Veale & Mary Elvira Harding, Veale, Litton (Littel). They married March 10, 1880. Waitis & Mary E. Veale later had triplet sons, which died at birth. When William died of pneumonia on March 17, 1886, Mary E. Veale was a widow and three months pregnant. She had anther son, Benjamin Waitis Veale, born October 07, 1886 in Veale Township, Daviess County, Indiana.

Waitis T. Veale was fifty years old and never married until he met Mary. She had three children by her marriage to Harding, who had also left her a widow. Their children are: CORA, WALLACE & MELVIN HARDING.

William Thompson Veale grew up on farms throughout Indiana, not knowing too much about his heritage, He did know his father, Waitis Thompson Veale was a Morgan horse breeder, and was an ancestor of James Carr Veale, not sure of Senior or Junior. (Actually both, RLV) He did not know his grandfather’s name, as his father, Waitis T. Veale died in 1834. Waitis Veale was born January 08, 1829 to the marriage of William T. Veale & Elizabeth Stephenson on May 21, 1827 (William T. Veale was born 1794 in  South Carolina, the son of James Carr Veale Senior and Lavina Towns (Towne or Townsend) Veale, they married in October 1782 in Union District, South Carolina). When William T. Veale died he left his widow (Elizabeth Stephenson) and two children: EMILY VEALE & WAITIS THOMPSON VEALE. Elizabeth Stephenson later married ELSHA FITZGERALD on March 18, 1835”. End of quote:

James Carr Veale Senior, William T. Veale, Waitis T. Veale & Waitis T. and his triplet sons are buried on the Singleton Farm in Veale Township. Update: The Sextants logs of unmarked graves shows that Waitis T. Veale and his triplet sons are buried in Old Union Cemetery, Veale Township, near Bethel Church. (RLV)

William Waitis Veale found out later in life his father, Waitis T. Veale came out to California and struck it rich in the Gold Fields in the 1850’s. His father, Waitis T. Veale returned to Indiana and bought Morgan horses from England (also another Veale came to California, he being John Thomas Veale, and hit it rich in what was called  “VEALE’S DIGGINS”, he too returned to Indiana a wealthy man. (RLV)


There is far more to this than meets the eye. The old family legend as related by my grandfather, William Herbert Veale, my great uncle Leander H. Veale, my great uncle Garfield Edwards of my mother’s side, and Ray W. Sheetz, my mother’s father relates the following: “Waitis T. Veale did in fact go to California, taking John Thomas Veale with him. John Thomas Veale is the son of John Townsend Veale. John T. is the youngest son of James Carr Veale I. They did strike it rich at Indiana Creek in California. When returning to Indiana they helped James Carr Veale, another son of John Townsend Veale in financing a Mercantile Bank in Washington, Indiana. They also established the first foundry, which still stands today on West Main Street in Washington, Indiana. They with the Hyatt’s, Spink’s they built Washington to what it is today. Some of this is highlighted in Richard Alan Veale, the author of a Goodly Heritage. (RLV)

Another interesting story about Waitis T. Veale, is that, Abraham Lincoln would ride past his farm on his way to visit his mother in Kentucky and would stop and visit with Waitis Veale. People around the area called Waitis Veale, “Little Abe” because they looked alike. (The family record shows more than one direct connection of the Lincoln and Veale Families. (RLV)

Begin Quote: “Mary E. Veale moved to Santa Ana, California with her son Benjamin Waitis Veale and later married William B. Lytton in Orange County, California on July 03, 1899. Mary E. Lytton died in November 15, 1916 from cancer, and is buried in Fairhaven Memorial Park, Santa Ana, California.

Benjamin Waitis Veale married Maudie Myrtle Dunn on September 06, 1959 in Santa Ana, California she b. February 15, 1893. They had three children: JOHN VEALE b. in June 1914, d. in April 1924, buried at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California; MILDRED MYRTLE VEALE b. January 18, 1917, d. October 28, 1970 she m. GEORGE CLEWETT on June 30, 1935, buried: at Fairhaven Memorial Park, Santa Ana, California; NORA LOUISE VEALE b. July 14, 1920 she m. FRANK BALDWIN on December 31, 1939. They live in Diamond Bar, California;

William Thompson Veale, at the age of 20 married LILLIAN BLANCHE THOMAS on July 01, 1901 in Washington, Indiana. She was born October 15, 1883, the daughter of FENWICK THOMAS & SARAH CHAPMAN. William Thompson Veale worked as an inspector for the B&O Railroad in Washington, Indiana they had four children born in Washington, Indiana: MELVIN WAITIS VEALE b. March 24, 1902, d. July 03, 1969, buried: In the Veteran’s Cemetery, Los Angeles, California; EARL THOMAS VEALE b. May 22, 1904, d. February 25, 1937, buried: At Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, California; GEORGE WILLIAM VEALE b. August 10, 1906, d. September 12, 1966, Burial: Mountain View Cemetery, San Bernardino, California; MARY SIOTA VEALE, KOCH, CHANCE b. March 27, 1908, d. January 15, 1983, burial: Hermosa Cemetery, Colton, California. William Thompson Veale had his ankle crushed while inspecting some Railroad Cars in 1905 and was left a cripple for life, but this did not stop him. He suffered from the bitter cold weather and in 1912 he moved his family to Bakersfield, California, where his older brother, Melvin Harding was living. They lived in Bakersfield for about six months before moving to Santa Ana, California to be close to his brother and mother. In Santa Ana he worked for the Gas Company. While in Santa Ana he and Lillian Blanche had another daughter: DOROTHY RUTH VEALE, ARDEN, SCHWEDT she was b. April 17, 1913. In Santa Ana, California when Dorothy was over a year old, William Thompson Veale moved to Barstow, California, where he stated working for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. He became a carpenter for the pacific Fruit Express for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company as an inspector, In 1915, William Thompson Veale moved to Colton, California, he had been transferred by the Railroad Company. In 1916, William Thompson Veale & Lillian Blanche had another child: CURTIS WILBER was born August 17, 1916 in Colton, California, and in 1918 they had a daughter MABEL IRENE VEALE, ADE, MCCLENDON. She was born June 10, 1918 in Colton, California. They bought 10 lots on East H Street, the house where MABEL was born, and four years later LUCILLE BERNICE VEALE, HEWITT was born on August 10, 1922.

On four lots he built his home for his family in 1923, a Spanish type white stucco house. The home is still at 584 East H Street, Colton, California. His son WILBER CURTIS and his wife MURIEL, now owns this home place.

William Thompson Veale, who was 5’ 11 ½” was a very proud man. He was a good Husband and Father, honest and trustworthy, hard working and religious man. He was respected as a Citizen of Colton. He gave land and helped build the Wesleyan Methodist Church on East H Street (now a four square Church), He never held a political office, but he was a good outstanding member of the Republican Party all of his life. He grew such beautiful vegetables in his garden, the Realtors of Colton, displayed them in their windows to promote sale of property in Colton, He raised 8 children and worked for the railroad until he retired after having a stroke in  1942. He lived to see all of his children married an in their own homes before passing on to his Heavenly Home on January 29, 1946. He is buried: In Hermosa Cemetery, Colton, California.

His wife of 45 years, Lillian Blanche Veale married JOSEPH ARTHUR YATES on July 04, 1946. She died October 15, 1952 and is buried besides William Thompson Veale in Hermosa Cemetery, Colton, California.

William Thompson Veale was a very proud man of his Veale Heritage and his Ancestors, Waitis T. Veale, William T. Veale and James Carr Veale I”. End of quote:


Note: Sorry to say, Lucille Bernice Hewitt (Veale) passed away on Decmber 11, 1999 in Fontana, California (RLV)