The Children of MORRIS VEALE I & DOROTHY are:








1). The primary structures was provided by VAN A. STILLEY who established the overall lineage from his extensive study into Wills, Land Grants, Land Leases, Deeds, Court Orders, and one heck of a lot hard work by hand copying the old and hard to read documents.

2). LYDIA VEAL, who supplied most of the known materials, and taught me how to present research documents into a modified Family Tree Maker systems methods. If it were not for her many reversals in her life, this writing for the web page would still be her research assignment

3). NANCY ANDERSON & “HER BIG BOOK” was invaluable to this writing. She and Lynda were the keepers of the web site until just recently, when they granted me the privilege to place this work into our family web site.

4). To RALPH CARR VEALE, who collected all the known names spelled like Veale in the Northern Neck region of Virginia. It was he who found the Mrs. John Bennett Bodies writing it the Library of Congress on the Norfolk County, Virginia Veale. This enabled us to get a handle on the so many persons in Virginia who had similar names and of the near some age. This was the big break through that made this study possible.

5). To FREDERIC Z. SAUNDERS, Professional Genealogist, who acted as a guide into many of the questions as they did arise quite often. Mr. Saunders of Salt Lake City, Utah is with the LDS personnel at the University and is connected to both, my own family and that of Morris Veale I of Virginia. He is a very valuable asset to this adventure beyond all doubts.

6). There are numerous other researchers who have contributed to this adventure. I have identified each of them and the overall impute as it applies in this writing. Each and every-one of you did greatly added to the overall accuracy in this project. My personal THANK YOU ALL

+ 1. MORRIS VEALE I (MAURICE ?) , b. about 1642, d. October 09, 1696 in Westmoreland County, Virginia he m. DOROTHY Possibly GREENE in 1665 at Westmoreland County, Virginia, she b. about 1642, d. After May 25, 1715

More about MORRIS VEALE I:
SPECIAL FIND: On October 23, 2003, 2 AM, Brian Veale of Berkshire, England, while browsing he found and sent the following: On GOOGLE “GenCircles”, page 63, MORRIS VEALE, BORN 1612 in GLOCHESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND, WHO’S SON MORRIS WENT TO LIVE IN WESTMORELAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA”. THANKS BRIAN!

My Comments:

1). I have verified that the above comment does exist, but the records of Gloucester-shire County are not that great. After a check with the Bristol Library Files I was unable to prove or disprove this either way.

2). If this is proven to be correct it would indicate that MORRIS VEALE, the son was born about 1642 in Gloucester County and removed prior to Westmoreland County, Virginia where he met and married DOROTHY. There were a few shipping documents, as many persons did remove themselves from England after the beheading of King Charles I of England. This escape was a matter of self protection.

3). As for DOROTHY GREENE (?) there is a great possibility that she too was born about 1642 also in County Gloucester, England. This is the area of the “Knightly Veale of Gloucester-shire”. Three large family of Veale was known to live in this area and did spread from here to many other parts of the United Kingdom.

4). The current but unproven theory of this Veale Family would go back to the 1100’s from the heritage of Sir Jeffrey Le Veel and Matilda “Maud” Harding, their grandson Sir Peter Le Veel II married twice. Peter and his second wife removed to Ireland and this family had a son Walter Le Veele who was Bishop of Kildare Ireland 1300-1320. Also a son named Robert who removed to Scotland and is the known parent of Robert “The Bruce” Viel V {King of Scotland}. From my sources in Scotland; from this family came a Richard Veale who went to England during the invasion of the Scots and they the Scots set up a Government called the Commonwealth Government which lasted 66 years. Then King Charles II returned from Holland and took his place as King of England. Richard Veale of Scotland too settled in the Gloucestershire area of England. The Senior Morris Veale being a part of this family.

5). As for the name “GREENE” as Dorothy Veale’s surname comes from her daughters, Eleanor’s Will. Eleanor lists Susanna Greene, as her mother (DOROTHY) had left items with Eleanor to be given to Susanna Greene an unmarried niece. The items being that Dorothy had been made for her, quilts and the like. On this item there is a major controversy. Another American writer firmly believes that her surname to be QUIGLEY. The Quigley’s were also known to have settled in this area also. However, when you read the Court Actions presented later in this writing one will find that Dorothy had an avid dislike for MRS. QUIGLEY.

Notes for DOROTHY:

Source: Edwin Dolan of Shawnee, Kansas dated August 27, 2003

I thought I’d send you a few items concerning Dorothy Veale, wife of Morris (d. 1695). I’ve never seen anything that might give me a clue to her maiden name. The item below concerning Dorothy’s Administration of the estate of Patrick Doyle is very interesting.  An Administration of an estate, from the genealogy that I’ve seen is done by a blood relative, or a close friend or neighbor. It’s even possible that she was a daughter of Patrick Doyle. But I’ve searched the available records for a Will of Patrick Doyle. The search has been fruitless in fact he appears seldom in the records of Westmoreland County, Virginia. The question is should one keep on searching into this?

 The listing:

Page 86a, February 25, 1724/25. Dorothy Veale the greatest creditor of the estate of John Doyle, deceased came into Court and made oath that the said John departed this life without making a will as far as she knows or believes and upon her Petition, her performing what is in such cases Certificate is granted her for obtaining letters of Administration upon the said deceased. Estate in due form, John ASHTON, William SMITH assuming to be her securities for her faithful administration of her duties according to law the Court ordered John STEELE, Humphrey POPE, and Christopher BUTLER, or any of the three of them some time before the next Court value and apprise the estate in money, and make report.

As you did indicate in most cases a letter of Administration is granted to a blood relative or a beloved friend or neighbor. From the world of genealogy there is speculation that Dorothy may have remarried, but the causes for her action to patent the lands of Morris I to his three sons was because they had become of age, at what time she received one third of the estate of Morris Veale I. However, there is a possibility that Morris & Dorothy had a daughter, Mary now being of legal age or older, Mary may have married John Doyle the son of Patrick Doyle, and Dorothy acted in the interest of her child.

Burial: Both Morris I & Dorothy may be buried in Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia

Written by:
Frederick Z. Saunders
5186 Cobbie Creek Road #6K
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117-6723
Professional Genealogist

1). The first record found of Morris Veale in Westmoreland County, Virginia when written in November 1669. Morgan JONES sold land to John FOXALL, in exchange for tobacco due him. And also FOXALL to pay certain executions against JONES, on one execution by Darbey FOWLER and Morris VEALE Source: John Frederick Dorman, abstract and complier, Westmoreland County, Virginia (Deeds, Patents, Etc. 1665-1667, part 2, Washington D. C. by author 1973) page 104 of original records

2). John QUIGLEY on October 25, 1672 sold to Morris Veale 200 acres that had been patented by Richard GRIFFIN: Source: (ibid) page 138a-139 of original record. Frederick Dorman, abstractor and complier of Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1675-1688/0. Part Two 1679-1682 (Washington D. C.) by author, 1983, page 198 of original record.

3). On February 27, 1677/78, in the case of FISHER vs. Morris VEALE was referred to jury. They found that Morris VEALE for his assault on Martin FISHER and contempt of His Majesty’s peace before the constable the execution of the warrant shall pay 800 pounds of tobacco. Judgment is granted on the verdict. It was ordered that he give security for his good behavior. Mr. John FOXALL and Thomas MOORE served as security. Source:  (ibid) page 57 (page 111 of original)

4). On November 29, 1672, John HALES servant to Morris VEALE complains that being hired to VEALE surreptiously for four years and being extremely ill used. He humbly desires to be put in case of some persons until his master appears at next Court that he the servant is abused. Source: Frederick Dorman, abstractor and compiler, Westmoreland County, Order Book 1659/6-1888/9, part Three 1682-1674 (by author, 1988) page 519 of original record

5). On August 25, 1688, Ellis HUES had a case against Captain John LORD, but was referred to next Court. On the case of Morris VEALE vs. Ellis HUES Order granted to plaintiff for 160 pounds of tobacco for his attendance as a  witness in a cause between HUES & Captain John LORD. Source: John Frederick Dorman, abstractor and complier, Westmoreland County, Virginia (Virginia Order Book 1675/6- 2687, Washington D. C. by author, 1988) page 5129 of original record

6). Next Court on September 29, 1786 it was shown that Morris VEALE obtained against Ellis HUES for 160 pounds of tobacco for two Court attendances as a witness between HUES & Captain John LORD, and the causes being referred to this Court and  Morris VEALE making default, the Attorney of HUES, Arthur SPICER, moves that his neglect in being here this day as witness the former order be revolked and VEALE allowed nothing. The Court ordered that HUES be free from any payments to VEALE in these causes. Source: (ibid) page 25, page 523 of original record

7). In July 1687 Marke RYMER petitioned Mary BOWDEN died intestate, and he desires the administration of her estate. The Court granted as he appeared to be the greatest creditor, and that she had died in his house under his care, provided he gave good security. Morris VEALE & Marke RYMER assumed under security 10,000 pounds of tobacco for true administration of the estate of Mary BOWDEN. The Court ordered that Daniel SULLIVAN & Morris VEALE to make a just inventory of the estate and appraisal. (ibid) page 75, page 593 of original record

8). On August 31, 1687 Thomas MONJOY the Attorney for James CRAVEN vs. Morris VEALE  The defendant being arrested to this Court and not appearing, the Court granted an order against the Sheriff and granted the Sheriff an attachment against the estate of Morris VEALE. Source: (ibid) page 79, page 597 of original record

9). On June 25, 1691. Morris VEALE being arrested to answer William HYATT, plaintiff by Arthur SPICER, his Attorney. Declared whereas HYATT from his youth until present time honestly and soberly behaved himself towards all his neighbors and lived in good credit and repute and free for the least imputation of falsehood, nevertheless Morris VEALE at the dwelling of Caleb BUTLER in his county on October 01, last maliciously envying the good name of HYATT to take away the following that William HYATT did take oath and swore him (meaning the said VEALE) out of some tobacco and if it had not he would have foresworn himself for it troubled him ever sense. And not only in October last but in diverse other places at other diverse times for nigh on nine years past and has continued to asperse the plaintiff in those and such like words in most company where he has communicated, but reason of which the plaintiff has suffered damage to the value of 10,000 pounds of tobacco. Source: John Frederick Dorman, abstracter and compiler, Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1690-1698, Part One 1690/1-1902 (Washington D. C. by author, 1962, pages 43-44, page 29 of original record


Morris VEALE wrote his Will on October 03, 1695 and it was probated July 29, 1696. Source: Westmoreland County, Virginia Deeds and Wills, Book #2, 1691-1699, page 62 a. FHL microfilm 34268

{IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN}: I Morris VEALE of the County of Westmoreland and Washington Parish. Being very sick and weak in body but of Perfect mind and memory make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the manner and form following, revolking all other Wills and Testaments by me formerly by me made.

{IN PRIMUS}: I give and bequeath my mortal Soul into the hands of my maker and redeemer from whence I received the same, and my body I commit to mother Earth of which it was formed. And made to be decently interned at the discretion of my Executors and Executrix named as to my worldly Goods I give and bequeath in the manner following:

{ITEM TWO}: I give and bequeath my Land and Plantation where I now live upon to be equally divided between my three sons, Morris, John, and William. To be possessed by them when they arrive at the respective age of 21 years unless my Wife shall happen to remarry, then it is my will my three sons be of the age of 16 years. Otherwise, if she continues a Widow to live, work and remain with her until they arrive at the full age of 21, and in case the mortality of any og these Three Sons aforesaid the Survivors to be Possess ad enjoy what is given

{ITEM THREE}: It is my Will that my daughter Amy to have and possess those two cows which are now her calves, hers with their increases and to have also one gray horse to be delivered at the day of her marriage, I commit the same to her motherly Prudence

{ITEM FOUR}: I give and bequeath to my Daughter Eleanor two cows and one mare with there future increase to be delivered to her also on the day of her marriage, and for household Goods I leave it to the discretion of my Wife and Executors

{ITEM FIVE}: It is my Will my Daughter Mary have and enjoy four head of Cattle which now goes by her name. They with all their increases to be delivered to her on her marriage as to the remainder of my Personal estate, I wholly commit it to the discretion of my Wife and Executrix

{ITEM SIX}: It is my will that my loving Wife be whole and sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament

{ITEM SEVEN}: It is my will and desires that my loving friends and neighbors Darby SULLIVAN, Richard HANCOCK and Tobias BUTLER be Trustees and overseers of this my last Will and Testament

{ITEM EIGHT}: It is my Will my son Morris and son John have each of them a gun which are now in my home and possession

In conformation whereof of he before recited premises, and of every article therein contained I have set my hand and affixed my seal the 3rd day of July of October the year of our Lord 1695

Witnesses present at the signing thereof:
Morris VEALE, probable son thereof

In a Court held for the said County the 29th day of July 1969 the last Will and Testament of Morris VEALE, deceased was this day proven in Court by the disposition of James TAYLOR, Richard BENNETT and Morris VEALE (Likely Morris II). Therefore granted to Dorothy wife and Execturix, therein named she returning with an inventory of the said Morris VEALE Estate to the next Court upon oath, and the Ordered and recorded

Note: A copy of this will was provided to me by both Van A. Stilley and Frederick Saunders and both are identical. (RLV)

11). On August 29, 1706 it was commanded that Burdon ASHTON, Gentleman, late Sheriff, that he should have the body of Thomas NEWTON to answer to Dorothy VEALE in a plea debt. Source: John Frederick Dorman, abstractor and complier, Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1705-1721, Part One 1705-1707 (Washington D. C.) by author 1990, page 75, page 37 of original record

12). On May 26, 1708, John WILLIAMS to answer to Dorothy VEALE, being presented before Court to give judgment when he be tithable, the Court adjudged him to be twelve years of age. Source: John Frederick Dorman, abstractor and complier, Westmoreland County, Virginia Court Order Book 1705-1721, Part Two 1707-1709 (Washington D. C.), by author, 1900, page 37 of original record

13). On April 27, 1715 it was ordered that the Sheriff do summons Dorothy VEALE to answer petition of John WILLIAMS preferred against her for corn and cloths. Source: John Frederick Dorman, abstractor and complier, Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1705-1721, Part Five 1711-1715 (Washington, D. C.) by author, 1992, pages 70-71 page 87a of original record

14). On May 25, 1715, John WILLIAMS preferred his petition against Dorothy VEALE for corn and cloths to which she produced a discharge from John for the same. Which was adjudged to have been contrary to law, thereof in goods and one fixed musquett or fuzee with costs, (ibid) page 86, page 268a of original records

Note: My writing in no way is to avoid John Frederick Dorman his just due royals on his GPC publication. Ralph Carr Veale, in 1993 provided me a copy of the original writing, this being The Virginia Historical Atlas. Now at this later date I’m only using his work to verify what I already had developed into this family. In my writings I will refute some on Mr. Dorman’s presentations but only due to the fact that more recent finds makes this necessary. There is no way to know that the older writers had messed up on some of the lineages. (RLV)


The following items are from Nancy Anderson’s “Lost Ancestor Site”. This site is no longer on line and is being replaced with this presentation with the approval of both Nancy Anderson and the writer, Lynda Veal (RLV)

1). 1669, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Morris VEALE to get money from Morgan JAMES (Ralph C. Veale’s data base)

2). October 1672, Westmoreland County, Virginia. John Quigley to Morris VEALE for a valuable consideration within mentioned lands (Ralph C. Veale’s data base)

3). February 03, 1672/3, Westmoreland County, Virginia. Disposition of Jonathan TOWERS, aged 29 or thereabouts saith Dorothy VEALE called Mrs. Eleanor Quigley an Irish whore, Irish bitch, an Irish witch, and an Irish Baud and “if I had her here I would stamp you under my feete”. Sighed by: Jonathan TOWERS, Elinor TOWERS aged about 19 years, saith the same as her husband Sworn before John WASHINGTON, and John LORD on April 30, 1673

Note: This is my reasoning to believe that Dorothy was not a Quigley, nor was Elinor’s husband being a Quigley. One can under stand a severe hate factor between two women, but such ire would not be usual between to married women who are supposed to be kinfolk. Especially since both does have an Irish heritage or background. (RLV)

4). February 1677, Westmoreland County, Virginia. Morris VEALE found guilty by jury and must pay Martin FISHER 800 pounds of tobacco

5). June 1677, Westmoreland County, Virginia Court Order for attachment item Vs. Morris VEALE

6). July 25, 1677, Westmoreland County, Virginia, attachment carried out

7). September 26, 1677, more on the attachment

8). 1677, Westmoreland County, Virginia, FISHER vs. Morris VEALE 80 pounds of tobacco

9). 1678, Westmoreland County, Virginia Court Order Research

10). 1679, Westmoreland County, Virginia Morris VEALE gets judgment against F. LINCOLN for 20 gallons of molasses

11). 1682, Westmoreland County, Virginia Morris VEALE vs. HYATT

12). August 25, 1686 Morris VEALE gets 160 pounds of tobacco for being witness

13). 1687, Westmoreland County, Virginia Morris VEALE vs. Anthony RAWLINGS, dismissed

14). 1687, Westmoreland County, Virginia Morris VEALE pays 300 pounds of tobacco

15). 1687, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Thomas MONJAY vs. Morris VEALE, case dismissed

16). 1687, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Morris VEALE did an estate inventory

17). July 27, 1687, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Morris VEALE for a Will security paid 242 pounds of tobacco

18). August 31, 1687, Westmoreland County, Virginia, item: As an Attorney, James CRAVEN vs. Morris VEALE. The defendant being arrested to this Court and not appearing as ordered. The Court granted an order to the Sheriff and granted an attachment against Morris VEALE

19). December 28, 1687, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Morris VEALE vs. John NEWTON, the plaintiff being subpeoned as witness against Robert, the Court orders NEWTON to pay 80 pounds of tobacco to Morris VEALE

20). 1690, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Morris VEALE served on jury duty

21). 1690, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Morris VEALE in a case involving Francis JAMES, John WASHINGTON and Elizabeth LORD

22). 1690, Westmoreland County, Virginia, B. C. BUTLER received 320 pounds of tobacco for giving evidence in the case of Morris VEALE & Mr. HYATT

23). January 11, 1690/1, Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book, 1690-98. Part One, compiled by John F. Dorman, page 7, Maurice VEALE caused Anthony Rawlins to be summoned to show why execution should not be filed against him for 172 pounds of tobacco due him by Court Order for his charge of evidence between the defendant and Anthony CARNABY. For that RAWLINS did not appear, the said judgment is received (page 21). Lewis MARKHAM, Attorney for Mrs. Joanna POPE, executor of Mr. Thomas POPE vs. Anthony CARNABY (page 41), attorney pleaded Limitation, which was allowed

24). 1691, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Morris VEALE is ordered certification for one wolf’s head kild with a gun, January last, September 1691

25). November 07, 1692, Westmoreland County, Virginia, T. KNIGHT vs. Morris VEALE, case dismissed

26). May 1692, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Morris VEALE sworn as a grand juror for the entire year.

27). July 27, 1693, Westmoreland County, Virginia, QUISENBERRY vs. Morris VEALE, case dismissed

28). 1695, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694-1712, compiled by Gertrude E. GRAY, 1988. Purchased land in Washington Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia. The 200 acres are now a part of the Birthplace of George Washington. Note: Rick Saunders confirmed this date to be 1672.

Note: In our effort to acquire every known item on Morris VEALE we gleaned every known source to learn what is to be found. The 28 items listed above was provided by Ralph C. Veale and his many hard hours collecting what we have found. Let us put this all together and see just how this all fits into a proper place. (RLV)

NOTE: Prior to starting into this adventure we must understand that it has been necessary to change the old and reliable lineage established by Van A. Stilley and other more early writers,

(A). MORRIS  VEALE II, the son of MORRIS VEALE I & DOROTHY is the writer of the 1750 Prince William County Will of MORRIS VEALE, and not MORRIS VEALE the son of JOHN VEALE I & DELIVERANCE TAYLOR. MORRIS the son of JOHN VEALE I & DELIVERANCE TAYLOR was proven to have died in or about 1733

(B). MORRIS VEALE WHO WRITE THE 1750 Prince William County, Virginia Will is the son of MORRIS VEALE I & DOROTHY

(C). FOR JOHN VEALE I & DELIVERANCE TAYLOR to have a son, BOND VEALE and having a son born in 1707, JOHN SENIOR would have to have been the first son of MORRIS I & DOROTHY.